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From our Tarrazu Treat and Columbian Walnut flavors to our floral honeysuckle and caramel aromas, every blend embodies a unique harmony that compliments a number of foods and any occasion.

Custom created from the base to accompanying flavors that are perfected in a custom roasting chamber, each bag and blend is exceptional!

Vintage Blends


Our mix of Mexico HG Certified Organic tinged with walnut is great to sip and ponder with.

Roast Type: Medium 

Grind: Standard Drip
Bag Size: 12 oz


Ciocolata Cherry

Bold cocoa and nutmeg and cherry flavors to accompany any chocolate favorite.

Roast Type: Dark 

Grind: Standard Drip
Bag Size: 12 oz


Tarrazu Treat

A flavorful Costa Rican base with a hint of sweetness and Java Estate. Great with morning breakfast.

Roast Type: Medium

Grind: Standard Drip
Bag Size: 12 oz


Delightful Illusions

Including Tanzania Peaberry grown on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, an interesting combo that is sweet and slightly rich.

Roast Type: Light

Grind: Standard Drip
Bag Size: 12 oz


Signature Dishes Included In Our Pastry Comforts Recipe Book:

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